Meet Our Artists

"It is true in majority of my portraits there is sadness & grief and this is how I transfer certain my personal qualities to the canvas"  says painter/portraitis Tigran Asatryan from Armenia 


 "As for me, in the art there are no good or bad forms and styles of expression. The impulses, originated from the works, are more significant, because it is exactly these impulses that create special atmosphere for the onlooker", says Professional painter Mushegh Mkhitaryan from Armenia


“My childhood has a massive impact on my paintings. Through my paintings my childhood dreams come alive”. This is how Hovnan Sargsyan, painter from Armenia, describes his works.

We named his Online Exhibition "Dream" which you can visit following the link


"Human being with his inner world is the source of my inspiration. In order to explore feelings, mood, spirituality of my heroes and to transfer them through my works, I often put myself in their shoes, to be able to feel and live their emotions" says Prof. Samvel Martirosyan 


Ara Arayan is multi-talented, being a professional painter, he is also a poet. At the back of many of his artworks you will find his poetry dedicated to the theme of the work

Armenian ceramic artist Aram Hunanyan has been working with clay for more than 20 years. His angels "Peace and love ambassadors"  are traveling the world. There aren’t many artists who can continuously connect audience with their work, but Aram Hunanyan is definitely one of them