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Nadzeya Pashkevich


Working in line with lyrical (romantic) abstractionism, Nadzeya creates her own imaginative world of illusions, visions and states, and the play of lines and colors does not leave the viewer indifferent. Movement, energy flows arise on the canvases. 


Nadzeya Pashkevich was born in 1986 in one of the most beautiful corners of Belarus - Polesie, in the Stolin region. She received her professional education at Kobrin College of Art and began her career with quite traditional paintings. Towards the end of her studies, her own style began to shape. 



2014 - First solo exhibition "State of the soul", Gallery "Vilnuis", Minsk, Belarus

2014 - XVI International Fair and Competition of Contemporary Art, Central Artist House, Moscow, Russia

2015 - Exhibition "Who is she? Spring alternative", Central Journalist House, Moscow, Russia

2015 - III International Fair and Competition of Contemporary Art, " BELARUS ART WEEK". Minsk, Belarus

2016 - "Who is she? Woman in time ", Central Journalist House, Moscow, Russia

2016 - "Awakening" solo exhibition, "Exhibition Hall c. Stolin, Belarus

2016 - "To the 125th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Bogdanovich" personal exhibition, Chekhov Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia

2017 - "Gallery "VILNIUS" - 20 years!", Minsk, Republic of Belarus

2017 - International exhibition project "INSIGHT". Minsk, Republic of Belarus 

2017 - International exhibition cultural research project "ARCHI-idea. ART-idea. Ochirida", Art Gallery "Dresden" Moscow, Russia

2018 - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Art Week in China". Cultural Center in Beijing, China

2019 - Personal exhibition "Colors and words" (M. Bagdanovich, A. Mitskevich, T. Shevchenko). Museum-workshop I.P. Kavaleridze, Kiev, Ukraine

2019 - Art Space 2019, International Festival of Arts "CARPATHIAN SPACE", the exhibition of the embassies of the countries-participants of the festival. Ivano-Frankivsk Museum of Local Lore, Ukraine

2019 - Exhibition dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. Column hall of the Kiev City Hall. Ukraine

2019 Personal project at the II Forum of the leaders of Belarus and Ukraine's regions

2020 - Personal exhibition "Colors and words" (M. Bagdanovich, A. Mitskevich, T. Shevchenko). Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

2021 - "M. Bogdanovich - the glorifier of the native land" - a personal exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Bogdanovich. Maxim Bogdanovich Literary Museum, Minsk, Belarus

2023 - Personal exhibition "Music of Lines", Art House Zürich Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland

2023 - Group Exhibition, Art Gallery Omelai, Zug, Switzerland

2023 - "Beyond the Surface" Arts Crossroad Gallery, Altstadthalle Zug, Switzerland

2023 - Personal Exhibition "Freedom Writer", Gallery "Pod Plafonem", Wroclaw, Poland

2023 - Group Exhibition "Kaleidoscope", Monat Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2023 - Art3F International Art Fair, Monaco

2023 - Group Exhibition "Breaking illusion", Borgo Pio Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

2023 - October: Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland

2023 - December: Group Exhibtion "Christmas Exhibition" Zug, Switzerland    

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