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Art Fair 2024/2025

is a New Concept providing the opportunity to talented and aspiring Artists from all over the world to present their original artworks at small-medium-large scale exhibitions in prime locations in the heart of Switzerland.


Three Prime Locations

Fusion of Art Gallery and Art Fair

Higher Visibility and Exposure to Public

Apero, Wine Tastings, Live Music


You would like to grow your online presence and showcase your artwork worldwide? 
We have something for you to offer.  

You can exhibit at the Arts Crossroad Online Personal Exhibitions from wherever you are in the world.

Our 3D virtual exhibitions provide you with the possibility to showcase your work to art lovers and buyers worldwide.

Read on about our Virtual Online Exhibition and apply!

"I have been honored to participate into the group exhibition ‘Cultural diversity’ in Lucerne organized by Arts Crossroad Gallery. The organisation has been smooth and effective. Asya has been very supportive throughout every step of the process and managed to create seamless, personal, tailored to the space and truly holistic aesthetics experience exposing the diversity of the artworks, the styles, the techniques, the materials, and the artists complementing each other."

"I have known Asya Haroutunian the founder of the Arts Crossroad Gallery since 2018. Her boundless love for art is the driving force that makes her an excellent art curator and exhibition planner. You can feel this love all around. Asya Haroutunian is a devoted art connoisseur who is well-versed in painting. Refined and intuitive, she is sensible of modern art developments and keeps discovering artists whose works are worth exhibiting. I want to wish Asya Haroutunian all success in her future endeavours because serving art is a sacred mission and the sincere appreciation of the audience is the best reward for it."

"I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Arts Crossroad Gallery for the chance to exhibit my works in Switzerland. This enabled me to reach a new level as an artist and obtain priceless experience in participating in offline events abroad. Everything was just perfect, especially the instantaneous communication with the gallery over the exhibition period. It was an amazing opportunity and I am looking forward to future cooperation." 

"I want to extend my profound gratitude to Arts Crossroad Gallery and the founder of the gallery Asya Haroutunian for professionalism, superb attention to detail, flawless organisation of the exhibition, and huge awareness-building efforts. As an exhibiting artist, I sent my works to Arts Crossroad Gallery via post. My paintings were securely and undamaged received, handled and stored during entire period of exhibitions. This experience could not be more positive. Asya Haroutunian is a perfect gallerist and event planner." 

"I want to thank Asya Haroutunian, the founder of Arts Crossroad Gallery for her exceptional professionalism, a strong sense of responsibility, and thoughtful attention toward artists and art buyers. Asya is bestowed with brilliant organisational skills and is planning each exhibition to the smallest details. Participations in exhibitions organised by Arts Crossroad Galley gave me an impetus to further development and promotion of my artwork. I am looking forward to further cooperation with Arts Crossroad Gallery." 

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