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Victoria Paeglis-Brueschweiler


Victoria uses photographs, mostly in black and white, as a starting point to capture the figures and its proportions. It is the light that dictates further geometry.


Victoria Paeglis-Brueschweiler was born in 1982 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 

1997 - 1998 studied at Art school #2, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

2020 - 2023 Expected Executive Master in Cultural Leadership, MA, Maastricht University, The Netherlands and Royal Academy of Arts, Great Britain

Victoria is based in Switzerland and works with acrylic and spray paint on canvas. She combines realistic representation of the subject with abstract and bold colour scheme - the style referred as ‘spontaneous realism’. Going from the extreme contrast, Victoria gradually adds the details and colours to achieve the balance. Instead of descriptions, Victoria accompanies her painting with song lyrics, often originated in her mother tongue.





January:'Abstract portrait', with an artist Andrew Moncur Brady, Lucerne, CH

April: 'I am: intuitive, expressive, abstract' with an artist Karin Frank, Bern, CH

November: 'Portrait in big format' with an artist Gaby Dotter, Boesner, Unterentfelden, CH 



Aug-Sep: 'Acrylic painting techniques', with an artist Jolanda Masa, Rothenburg, Switzerland



2022 - August: Summer in the City, StadtHirsch PopUp Galerie, Lucerne, Switzerland

2022 - September: Autumn fair, ArtCave, Zurich, Switzerland

2023 - February: Group Exhibition "Cultural Diversity" Luzern, Switzerland 

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