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Katharina Dustmann

Katharina Dustmann was born in Bad Oeynhausen in 1965 and grew up behind the dikes in the far north.  She has been active as a freelance artist since 1983.


1986 -  trained as a sound engineer with a focus on audio in the fields of art, media, and communication.

1989 - co-founded "Studio Katharco GbR," a sound studio where she worked on combining visual and musical elements for music theater productions, as well as film and multimedia projects both domestically and internationally.

1994 - underwent theater training in Mask Theater/Commedia del Arte. She has executed films, photos, stage design, costume and mask design, in conjunction with music and crafts, as well as painting.

Since 2014 at the Art Academy Artefact in Bonn, the Cologne Art School, student of Christian von Grumbkow.


Katharina Dustmann's soundscapes have been showcased in various exhibitions and events nationally and internationally. She has received recognition and art scholarships for her unique artistic work. 

2021 - Artbox.Project 1.0, Zurich, Switzerland

2022 - Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2022 - Artbox.Project 1.0, Biennial, Venezia, Italy

2022 - Casa del Arte, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

2023 - Thomson Gallery, Zug, Switzerland

2023 - Johnathan Schutz Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA 

2023 - Artexpo NYC, Manhattan, New York, USA

2023 - Artbox.Project 2.0, Basel, Switzerlan

2021 - Artbox.Project 5.0, Zurich, Switzerland

2023 - Expo Metro, New York Times Square, New York, USA

2023 - Sound of colours 3D Virtual Exhibition

2023 - 24 - Hong Art Museum Chongqing, China

A selection of exhibitions of multimedia sound images:

1998 - "Between Heaven and Hell" Compositions and images for a multimedia production

2000 - "Zechencircus" *Music and images for a multimedia production

2000 -  "Misch:Lagen” A multimedia production in the Zeche Zollverein

2005 - "ExtraShift" The night of industrial monuments in NRW Gasometer Oberhausen

2005 - "Schiffshebewerk Henrichenburg" Compositions and musical direction

2009 - "D" The Divine Comedy" A picture and sound production

2013 - "MAGIC ILLUMINA" A light, image, film and sound production with surround experiences in complex multi-channel technology and synchronized lighting design at the castle and in the park of Schloss Dyck

2014 - "Illumina Schloss Dyck" A light and sound production with Forum Interart, commissioned by Strasse der Gartenkust with projections on water screens

2015 "VITA, MORS, VITA AETERNA" An image and sound production commissioned by the Krieglach Early Music Week.

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"For me as a synesthete, images, colors and music are inseparable and together they are the focus of my artistic work."

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