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Klaus Rune Hansen


Life is not always easy. Some people have experienced terrible times. But, what allows these people to just keep going? According to the artist painter, Klaus Rune, the answer is an immense dose of optimism and a positive attitude. Happiness is here and now!


Klaus Rune comes from Denmark, maybe the happiest country on the planet! After a degree in Psychology in Denmark he moved to France as CEO of a national communication agency for 10 years. He has lived in France for 20 years. Klaus Rune is a motivational speaker, author, happy wine maker and artist. He aims showing us that sometimes it's possible to represent the inherent intricacy and complexity of an idea with very few elements. His works are minimalist and the evocative power remains paramount.

Klaus Rune, will present artworks from the Simplicity/Profundity, Human Imprint and Good Vibes art collections. The "Simplicity and profundity" art collection is a minimalist approach to space, time, and the human being. This collection gives you the opportunity to reflect on the world around you. It lets your mind access both questioning and discovery. "Human imprint" is a tribute to humanity, but it also highlights the complexity of relationship between women and men. Differences - of nature as of culture - structure our way of living together. This unique concept of ``living brushes`` is a subtle marriage between the human body and art creation. A creation of unique works with a deep respect for humanity.

The Danish art of living, which combines well-being, comfort, and harmonious cohabitation between individuals, inspired the artist to create the art collection “Good Vibes”. Maybe these artworks will reveal the mystery of danish happiness.


2022 - Peace against war auction at Drouot, Paris, France

2022 - ART MOURES - art performance, Domaine des Moures, Montpellier, France

2023 - UN-FAIR – ART FAIR, Milan, Italy

2023 - Brillance online exhibition by Art Fluent gallery, Boston, USA

2023 "Beyond the Surface" Arts Crossroad Gallery, Altstadthalle Zug, Switzerland 

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