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Abel Karen Kazinyan


"With my artwork I try to convey the sense of calmness. Each depicted human image, object or the animal acquires a new semantic meaning and transmits my inner joy."

Abel Karen was born in 1963 in Yerevan. 

1986 - graduated from the  State Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia


1984 - International Student Exhibition in Helsinki, Finland

1986 - All-Union exhibition of the best diploma works of Art Universities of the USSR; Moscow, Russia

1992 - Solo-exhibition at the “Garzu” gallery, Aleppo, Syria

1994-1995 - Solo - exhibitions in the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

1995-1998 - organizer and participant of group exhibitions “Smile of a Goddess", "An Ordinary Miracle", "Smile of Summer” in Moscow, Russia

1996 - Solos - exhibition at the DG Fine Arts gallery in New York; USA

1997 - EuroArt (International Art Fair), Geneva, Switzerland

2001 - Solo-exhibition at the Art-Manege, Moscow, Russia

2001-2012 - Group exhibitions within the Art-Manege, Moscow, Russia

2008 - Moscow Art Salon, Moscow, Russia

2009 - Millionaire Fair in Crocus City, Moscow, Russia

2010 - Group exhibition at the King Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2010 - Group exhibition at the Dorotheum Auction House, Vienna, Austria

2011 - Group exhibition in the Small Manege, Moscow, Russia

2016 - Personal exhibition at the Art Deco Museum, Moscow, Russia

2021 - December: Group "Christmas Exhibition" Zug, Switzerland

2022 - February: Group Exhibition "Look from a Far" Luzern, Switzerland

2022 - June: Group Exhibition  "Look from Armenia" Zug, Switzerland

2022 - November: Group Exhibition "Cultural Diversity" Zug, Switzerland

2023 - February: Group Exhibition "Cultural Diversity" Luzern, Switzerland

2023 - June: "Beyond the Surface" Group ExhibitionZug, Switzerland

2023 - October: Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland

2023 - December: Group Exhibtion "Christmas Exhibition" Zug, Switzerland    


International Federation of Artists at UNESCO (IFA.)

International Art Fund

Moscow Union of Artists

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