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Sarah Richani

Sarah Richani originally from Lebanon, is a full-time artist based in Zurich, Switzerland, since 2018.


She works with mixed media including collage techniques, textural pastes, metal erosion and uses oil, gouache or acrylic paint on canvas or cardboard. In her art, she tackles topics related to philosophy, psychology, and society.


She graduated in Fine Arts and Interior Design with distinction from the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut, Lebanon.


2022 - June: Rhy Art Basel, Switzerland

2022 - November: Group Exhibition "Cultural Diversity" Zug, Switzerland

2023 - February: Group Exhibition "Cultural Diversity" Luzern, Switzerland 

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For Sarah, we are the product of all the bits and pieces of grand or minor individual memories and everyday experiences. Her paintings display fragmented pieces of recollections each telling a different story, as if a diary exploded on the canvas.

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