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Silva Kerchekian

Silva Kerchekian has had a diverse and accomplished career as both an architect and an artist. With a background in architecture from Yerevan State Polytechnical University in Armenia, she worked in the field for 25 years and also served as an arts teacher.


Throughout her life, she has actively participated in various exhibitions and expositions, showcasing her artistic talents in countries like Syria (at the State museums of Latakia and Damascus, Nor Serount Cultural Association), Lebanon (Red cross, several Online exhibitions) and Armenia (Journalists Union).


1980 - 1982  - 3 consecutive Exhibitions at the Polytechnical University of Yerevan, Armenia

1983 - Exhibition at the Journalist Association, Yerevan, Armenia

1990 - 1991- Exhibition at the Governmental Museum of Latakia, Syria

1994 "New Generation" Armenian Association in Damascus & Aleppo, Syria 

2010 - Exhibition at the Armenian Red Cross headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon 

2023 - Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland

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"Through my surrealistic lens, I aim to capture the intricacies of human existence, encompassing its highs and lows."

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