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Dominique Ludmann

Dominique Ludmann is a self-taught painter, a native of Gerlingen, a charming town near Stuttgart, in Baden-Württemberg. 

For Ludmann, the act of painting is a non-verbal dialogue with the self, an intimate exchange where thoughts and emotions gain color and form. Using her hands as tools to articulate her inner universe, she paints canvases that brim with her unique personality and ideational wealth.

Ludmann perceives her works as bridges, creating a personal connection between herself and her patrons. Every painting encapsulates a part of her distinctive character, a shared journey into her world. Each finished piece offers her a sense of closure, an opportunity to leave behind old sentiments and thoughts, paving the way for fresh ideas to bloom on a new canvas.


2023 - Solo exhibition at Gallery "Inspirationen", Sulz, Germany

2023 - April: ARTBOX.PROJECT NYC 2.0, NY USA

2023 - April: ARTBOXEXPO Basel, ARTBOX.PROJECT, Basle 2.0, Basel, Switzerland

2023 - August: online solo exhibition "Chaos: the unfinished symphony of personality"

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I see chaos as an opportunity to complete one's own personality.

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