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Vera Schumacher


"I love to print photographs on canvases and then paints certain elements with acrylic paint and varnishes."


Vera Schumacher is an art photographer based in Hannover, Germany. Born in Russia, studied journalism at Voronezh State University. After living in South Africa for 12 years, she then moved to Germany in 2016.


An ever-present passion about art and photography, she was suddenly awarded with the gift of time due to corona pandemic, when she started to take online courses, which led to a one-year online program studying photographic at the Moscow School of Photoart. Additionally she took master classes from photographers at Magnum Photos in Paris.



2022 - World Art Dubai, UAE

2023 - April: Venice International Art Fair " Visions",  Venice, Italy

2023 - May-June: "London Contemporary" international art fair, London, UK

2023 - June-July: "Mixing identities" international art fair, London, UK

2023 - September: "Mixing Identities, Senses" Rome international art fair, Rome, Italy

2023 - December: Group Exhibtion "Christmas Exhibition" Zug, Switzerland    

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