Alejandra Patricia

Alejandra Patricia (Sandra) is a self-taught artist, who was born in Seville, Spain and now lives in Zug, Switzerland and I works in her studio at home. 

She started painting and expressing herself with colour and form as a personal passion, as a way to make tangible what in her imagination takes place, to give form to her inspiration.   


After an active period in acting, and in communication, she started to follow her stream of consciousness, a strong impulse to express her creativity, feelings in visual art. In the last decade, painting progressively developed into her main activity and interest. 


2018 - 'Anima' Group Exhibition in Espacio 51, Madrid, España

2022 - November: Group Exhibition Zug, Switzerland

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“I am inspired by ‘Everything’. People, traveling, knowing new cultures, other artists, all kinds of disciplines, philosophy,  literature, dancing, music, photography, cinema, poetry, architecture…, everything is connected. And I feel this connection is like a continuum under different perspectives."