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Nicholas Herdon

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At his high-school days Nicholas was indifferent to plein-air painting, an attitude which began to change after seeing an exhibition by Ennio Morlotti in Ferrara in 1994  where he was touched by the treatment of 'banal' subjects.


Nicholas Herdon was born in 1954 Salzburg, Austria 

Till 1972 studied at the Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire, England.

1976 - 1981 studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Italy 

During the years Nicholas has developed his art in its own idiosyncratic way with regards to form, colour and content in the following categories:


Views of Venice, where the artist has been based since 1975, the vedute generally being painted from a boat he rows to various spots around the city, thus earning him the epithet of pittore galeggiante from passing gondoliers.


Portraits: although he does not consider himself a portraitist in the strict definition of the word, he enjoys the challenge of portraying friends as well as figures in the public eye, posting the resultant images every week in his Instagram account.


Fêtes Champêtres: large scale compositions (100 x 150 cm or thereabouts) inspired by public spaces visited around the world, ranging from Sant'Elena in Venice to Zorats Karer in Armenia.


Samizdat, also large-scale works, where vocal meditations on specific themes combine with visual imagery to create a wholly original composition.


Watercolours: inevitable if you are British, but which feature abundantly together with drawings in pencil and ink in a visual diary that the artist has been keeping for over forty years.



2009 - Solo-exhibition 'Nick's annual tour 2009' at Sabrina Falzone Gallery, Milan, Italy

2014 - December: Group Exhibition at Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK 

2017 - April: Solo- exhibition 'Venise et la terre du Prosecco' at Mairie du 1er., Paris, France

2019 - January: Group Exhibition 'Berlin in Arte' at Galerie August35, Berlin, Germany 

2023 - February: Group Exhibition "Cultural Diversity" Luzern, Switzerland 

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