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Mushegh Mkhitaryan

Mushegh Mkhitaryan was born in 1959 in Yerevan, Armenia.

1972 - 1976 studied at Children’s Art Academy, Yerevan, Armenia

1977 - 1980 studied at P. Terlemezyan Arts College, Yerevan, Armenia

1981 - 1983 attended Ceramics Department at Technical College of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia



Since 1983 has held various personal exhibitions in various cities in Armenia, Russia, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. Since the late 1980s participated in several group exhibitions held in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh), France, Italy, Germany, and the United States.


1983-85 - Personal exhibition Master’s House, Yerevan, Armenia

1988 - Exhibition of three artists, Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany

1991 - Personal exhibition, New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK

1992 - Exhibition of Armenian Artists, International Gallery, Detroit, USA

1993 - Personal exhibition, House of Graphics, St. Petersburg, Russia

1994 - Personal exhibition, Krunk Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

1994 - Personal exhibition, House of Friendship, Moscow, Russia

1995 - Artists for Peace, Sushi, Artsakh

1995 - Personal exhibition, Art Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

1996 - Personal exhibition, Museum of Burgdorf, Switzerland

1996 - Personal exhibition, Albatross Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1996 - Personal exhibition, Galerie P’Art Claudine Hohl, Zurich, Switzerland

1997 - Personal exhibition, Moscow, Russia

1998 - Personal exhibition, Club Des Arts, Moscow, Russia

1998 - Personal exhibition, Martin Gallery, Sissach, Switzerland

1999 - Personal exhibition, Martin Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2000 - Personal exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia

2007 - “The Years of Armenia in France” in Paris, Nice, Bordeaux

2008 - Armenian Modern Artists, Vatican

2009 - Personal exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia

2013 - Personal exhibition, Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon

2014 - Group exhibition, Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon

2015 - Personal exhibition "One Hundred Years of Silence", Yerevan, Armenia

2018 - "Armenian Art & Wine in Arth", Arth, Switzerland

2019 - "Armenian Art" exhibitions under the high patronage of the Armenian Embassy in Switzerland, Zug, Switzerland

2020 - Personal Exhibition "Break the silence", Arts Crossroad Gallery Zurich, Switzerland

2021 - July: Group Exhibition "Soul of Silence" Zug, Switzerland

2022 - February: Group Exhibition "Look from a Far" Luzern, Switzerland

2022 - June: Group Exhibition  "Look from Armenia" Zug, Switzerland

2023 - February: Group Exhibition "Cultural Diversity" Luzern, Switzerland

2023 - June: "Beyond the Surface" Group ExhibitionZug, Switzerland

2023 - October: Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland  

The artworks of Mushegh are permanently exhibited in Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia 


Artists’ Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia  

UNESCO’s International Federation of Artists

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Mushegh Mkhitaryan - professional painter from Armenia

 "As for me, in the art there are no good or bad forms and styles of expression. The impulses, originated from the works, are more significant, because it is exactly these impulses that create a special atmosphere for the onlooker", says painter Mushegh Mkhitaryan from Armenia

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