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Elena Kupreeva

Elena Kupreeva Swiss based contemporary artist is best known for her beautifully detailed „anti-stress“ colouring graphics, Elena Kupreeva works with an array of techniques. Her oil paintings and graphics have been commissioned and exhibited across Europe and the United States, presented at international Art Fairs like RED DOT Miami, WoP Lugano, SwissArtExpo, Zürich Art International (upcoming) and many others. Publications include British Vogue, Boesner Catalog etc.

Her artistic journey through life began at a young age with her studies at Moscow's School of Arts. Later, while living in Washington D.C., she graduated the Duke Ellington School of the Arts "Blue Ribbon" high school majoring in Visual Arts and went on to explore graphic design at Corcoran School of Arts and Design. She then took a break from her artistic pursuit to get a degree in international journalism. Her writing talent and fascination for travel, different cultures and people, closely connected across national borders, inspired her to make this decision. It was only after she settled in Switzerland with her husband in 2010 that she took up the paintbrush again with new ardour. It was the constant change of land and landscape from a young age that, while a great challenge, broadened her horizons and led her to explore a variety of artistic styles. It opened her eyes to the intricacies of nature and everyday life, which she consciously weaves into her paintings. Though she only has a glimpse of an idea of what she wants to achieve in the end, she hardly ever makes trials or sketches, she prefers to splash the feeling out on a canvas and let the painting guide her.


2016 - Peyer Fine Art Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2016 - Art Basel Miami 2016 week showcase, Miami, FL

2017 - Lou La Vie Gallery, Miami, FL 

2017 - Art Talents Kunstmarkt, Zurich, Switzerland 

2017 - Art Basel Miami 2017 Week, Miami, FL

2017 - Zenith Art and Fashion Gallery, Miami, FL 

2018 - Vernice Art Fair, Forli, Italy

2018 - Arte Vicenza, Italy 

2018 - Lucia Art Fair, Lucca, Italy

2018 - WOP Fair, Lugano, Switzerland 

2018 - Zenith Art and Fashion Gallery. Miami, FL 

2018 - PAT. Pavia Art Talent, Pavia, Italy

2018 - Red Dot Miami, ArtBasel Miami 2018. Miami, FL

2019 - CASE solo show, Château Gütsch, Luzern, Switzerland 

2020 - 2021 - By the Water Series collection exhibit, Lift Art Gallery - virtual exhibit

2021 - Zenith Art and Fashion Gallery, Miami, FL 

2022 - Art International Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

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“I believe that the ability to convey feelings onto a chosen medium, and to share the way one sees and feels with people around, is an artist's unique privilege."

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