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Jean De Clercq


Jean De Clercq  was born in 1952 Antwerp, Belgium

1980 - 1984 studied at the graphics department of the Art Academy in Belgium.

His initial work largely revolved around monochromatic illustrations, leading to several showcases across Belgium. However, personal commitments made him relinquish his dedicated studio  prompting a move to Switzerland in 1986. This transition marked a temporary halt in his artistic pursuits. 

It was only in 2004 that Jean ventured into the realm of painting, primarily as a self-taught artist. The precision from his graphic background transpired into his artworks, leading him to adopt a realistic painting style.


1993  - Art exhibition Sils Maria, Engadin, Switzerland

2003  - Exhibition at Retirement home Beckenried, Switzerland

2005  - Hotel du Lac, Hergiswil, Switzerland

2007  - Participation world record, Zug, Switzerland (longest gallery picture)

2008  - Participation world record Pfälzkeller, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

2009  - Exhibition at Galerie Art de Boga, Aesch, Lucerne, Switzerland

2012  - Exhibition at the Braui Cultural Center, Hochdorf, Lucerne, Switzerland

2013  - Exhibition at the Sust Cultural Center, Stansstad, Switzerland

2018  - 3rd Basel Art Market, Basel, Switzerland

2018  - Schneggli Art Museum, Reinach, Aargau, Switzerland

2018  - Exhibition Gallery Adels, Zurich, Switzerland

2018  - Exhibition art supplies Boesner, Unterentfelden, Switzerland

2019  - SWISS ART EXPO 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

2019  - Exhibition Museum Thijnhof, in Coevorden, Netherlands

2019  - 4.Basel Art Market, Basel, Switzerland

2019  - Exhibition Gallery Diverse, Basel, Switzerland

2020  - Exhibition Gallery 23, Olten, Switzerland

2021  - Exhibition Arte Uri, Flüelen, Switzerland

2021  - Exhibition at Wyher Castle, Ettiswil, Switzerland

2022  - Exhibition in Gallery Art Number 23, in Athens,Greece

2022  - Exhibition gallery in the community center, Klein Andelfingen, Switzerland

2022  - Exhibition Waterfront Gallery, Milford Haven, Wales, United Kingdom

2022  - Exhibition OXO Gallery, South Bank, London, United Kingdom

2022  - Exhibition Arte Uri, Flüelen, Switzerland

2023  - Exhibition Gallery L33 in Grabs, Sänkt Gallen, Switzerland

2023  - Group Exhibtion "Christmas Exhibition" Zug, Switzerland


2022  - 3.rd Place Art Show International Gallery

2023  - 2.nd Place American Art Awards

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