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Ara Arayan


Ara Arayan was born in 1963 in Armenia.

1980 -1984 studied at P. Terlemezyan Arts College, Yerevan, Armenia


Participated in several group exhibitions in Armenia


1986 - personal exhibition in Yerevan, Armenia

2011 - personal exhibition in Yerevan, Armenia

2018 - "Armenian Art & Wine in Arth", Arth, Switzerland

2019 - "Armenian Art" under the high patronage of the Armenian Embassy in Switzerland, Zug, Switzerland

2020 - "Duet of Colours", Arts Crossroad Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2021 - July: Group Exhibition "Soul of Silence" Zug, Switzerland

2021 - December: Group "Christmas Exhibition" Zug, Switzerland

2022 - February: Group Exhibition "Look from a Far" Luzern, Switzerland

2022 - June: Group Exhibition  "Look from Armenia" Zug, Switzerland

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Ara Arayan - professional painter, poet

Ara Arayan is multi-talented: being a painter, he is also a poet. At the back of many of his artworks you will find his poetry dedicated to the theme of the work

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