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Contemporary Art Fair Luzern 2023

The Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, slated to fling wide its doors on the 19th of October 2023. This event will burgeon as a vibrant canvas, where eighteen talented artists will proudly showcase their masterpieces, setting the tone for a rendezvous of culture, creativity, and compelling narratives.

Representing a diversity of backgrounds, the artists gracing the event include:

Chilla Mosby (CH), Chris van Weidmann (DE/CH), Daniela Rebuzzi (CH/IT), Ekaterina Nikitina (RU), Elizaveta Kirzhner (CH/RU), Hovnan Sargsyan (ARM), Karen Abel Kazinyan (ARM), Levon Aslanyan (ARM), Mushegh Mkhitaryan (ARM), Nadzeya Pashkevich (BY), Patrizia Stierli (CH), Salvatore Scaramozzino (IT), Silva Kerchekian (ARM/LB), Solmaz Leinhard (CH/IR), Tigran Ghazaryan (ARM), Viktor Khanyan (ARM), Yana Poyarkova (RU), Yvonne Präger (CH/DE).

Throughout the past week, several artists on this stellar list have been in the limelight with illuminating articles offering insights into their unique artistic journeys. These articles have not only previewed the magnificent works to be exhibited but also delved into the heart and soul of the artists, unveiling the stories, inspirations, and intricate processes interwoven in each piece.

Earlier this year, the followers of the Arts Crossroad Gallery had opportunity to read about other participants of the The Contemporary Art Fair Luzern. "Hovnan Sargsyan: A Journey Through Emotion and Color in Global Art," , "Abel Karen Kazinyan: Master of Colors and Emotions - A Journey through Time, Culture, and Art," took readers on a vibrant journey through artists exquisite command over colors and emotional representation. Additional featured articles like "Mushegh Mkhitaryan: The Inventive Craftsman of Art" and "Nadzeya Pashkevich: Color, Rhythm, Emotion: The Abstract Art of Nadzeya Pashkevich" were instrumental in offering audiences profound insights into the souls of the artists, granting an appreciation for not only the visual spectacle of their works but also the deep, often poignant stories they tell.

In a symphony of artistry and emotion, artists such as Elizaveta Kirzhner and Tigran Ghazaryan have also been celebrated for their splendid works through articles like "Elizaveta Kirzhner’s Debuts at Beyond the Surface Exhibition" and "The Artistic Journey of Tigran Ghazaryan".

For many, the fair is not just an opportunity to witness art but to immerse in the stories, emotions, and inspirations that birth such creations. The Contemporary Art Fair Luzern is all set to be more than an exhibition—it promises to be an experience. A deep dive into the world of art, where colors, textures, and forms transcend the canvas to echo the myriad tales of human experience.



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