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Emerging artist Elizaveta Kirzhner Debuts at Beyond the Surface Exhibition

Updated: May 30, 2023

Arts Crossroad Gallery is thrilled to announce the participation of Elizaveta Kirzhner in the upcoming fine art exhibition, "Beyond the Surface". This event, scheduled for 15th to 18th June 2023 at the celebrated Altstadhalle Zug, will be the very first exhibition for Kirzhner, an architectural master turned passionate artist.

"Ladies" by Elizaveta Kirzhner
"Ladies" by Elizaveta Kirzhner

Born in Russia, Kirzhner completed her master's degree in architecture before embracing the intricate world of interior design. She worked in a renowned architectural office in Moscow, where her talent for detailed, artistic planning was given ample room to flourish. However, the vibrant art scene of Switzerland beckoned in 2017, and Kirzhner relocated to delve into her artistic passions further.

While working as a freelance interior designer in Switzerland and currently employed in a real estate agency, Kirzhner nurtured her creative side. Balancing her professional commitments with a strong desire to explore her artistic potential, she started crafting decorative paintings. This endeavour led to the creation of a diverse portfolio of remarkable art pieces, each reflecting her deep connection with the visual aesthetics of space and design.

"Lady" by Elizaveta Kirzhner
"Lady" by Elizaveta Kirzhner

At the "Beyond the Surface" exhibition, Kirzhner's graphical works will be presented to the public for the first time. She explores various techniques in her art, deftly combining her architectural knowledge with her intuitive grasp of artistic expression. Her works are a vivid testimony to her creative evolution, blending technical precision with a captivating aesthetic appeal.

Join us for the "Beyond the Surface" exhibition and witness Elizaveta Kirzhner's artistic debut. Experience the unique blend of architecture and art through her graphical works, a testament to her personal and creative journey. We look forward to seeing you at Altstadhalle Zug, as we celebrate the rise of this new talent in the art world.



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