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Abel Karen Kazinyan: Master of Colors and Emotions - A Journey through Time, Culture, and Art

Born in Yerevan in 1963, Abel Karen Kazinyan is a virtuoso in the global art community. A graduate of the State Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia in 1986, Abel's journey has taken him across continents, from Finland and Russia to Syria, the United States, Switzerland, and Austria, showcasing his art in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Abel's works are known for their allegorical nature, as they echo with the resonance of natural elements such as light, earth, air, fire, water, and stone. These elements, in his hands, transform into the canvas for his expression of timeless emotions such as faith, hope, and love. His art delves deep into the mysteries of existence - death, birth, lost paradises, and the ethereal beauty of existence, all subjects of his vividly enchanting paintings.

His artistic style distinguishes him, blending influences from various schools of art - academic to post-modernist, all steeped in his Armenian roots, Russian exposure, and the grandeur of European art. This amalgamation creates a unique and precious alloy, illuminating the rich tapestry of centuries-old artistic achievements and cultural heritage.

One can find in Abel's works a unique and keen sense of color, a feeling of unity and an almost primordial ornamentation. He experiments incessantly, driven not only by his boundless imagination but also by a profound sense of perfectionism. His knack for composition and a gifted talent as a colorist, coupled with his deep philosophical underpinnings, gives his works an exceptional accuracy, clarity, and expression.

His paintings sometimes evoke the grandeur of ancient ornaments, monumental stone reliefs, and temple art, echoing with the elusive tunes of God's providence. As a true artist, Abel employs the traditional techniques of sketch work and in-depth meditations before laying paints on a canvas, combining the stern strictness of canonical art with the simplicity of the ancient masters.

Abel’s art is an exquisite blend of nostalgia, the breath-taking vastness of the world, and the sheer beauty of existence, all deeply rooted in his Armenian heritage. His influences stem from his early life spent in the intellectual environment of old Yerevan, amongst a rich cultural heritage filled with respect for ancient times and relics.

His art is shaped by the vast landscapes of history, from ancient kingdoms to fantastic city-states. They stir his imagination, bringing forth art that transcends time. Abel believes that painting allows him the freedom to fly across different eras and locations, where his characters exist in the past, present, and future.

In the words of Salvador Dali, "Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never reach it." Abel embodies this spirit as he ceaselessly strives for perfection in his work. For him, painting is more than a profession. It is a medium for peace, joy, and revelation. And he wishes to share these feelings with everyone.

Abel's works can be witnessed at the upcoming "Beyond the Surface" Group Exhibition in Zug, Switzerland in June 2023, offering an incredible opportunity to experience his blend of artistic perfection, philosophical depth, and ethereal beauty. Be prepared to embark on a journey through time and emotion with Abel's unforgettable artistry.



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