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  • Love

    Love is care, peace, and harmony with nature. Sweet and delicate, it fills the atmosphere with tenderness and compassion. Abel’s paintings exude a sense of amity, tranquility, and abundance with vibrant colors, rich textures, and vivid imagery.


    The women he paints are elegantly dressed in flowing, colorful garments that are accentuated by the soft, natural light of the sun that bathes the scene. 


    Abel attaches a new semantic value to every human image, object, or animal by creating his works for contemplation and the sensation of calmness. With great attention to detail and precise brushstrokes, he adds to the idyllic mood of his paintings and evokes strong feelings. 

    • Details

      Canvas, Acrylic, Wooden Frame 

      Size: 60 x 25 cm

      Year Created: 2021

      Artist: Abel (Karen Kazinyan)

    • Additional Information

      The artwork will be shipped to you in 1-3 weeks, depending on the location it has to be delivered. We will provide you with more precise shipping duration estimate when the order is placed.


      Please contact us if you have questions about this artwork.

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