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Embracing the Abstract: The Artistic Journey of Tigran Ghazaryan

Tigran Ghazaryan, born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1967, is an esteemed artist in the global art community. His educational journey began in 1978 at the H. Kodjoyan Art School in Yerevan and continued at P. Terlemezyan Arts College from 1982 to 1986.

Ghazaryan has an impressive track record of national and international group exhibitions from 1991 to 2015, showcasing his art in Armenia, Russia, Georgia, France, and the USA. His exhibitions included renowned venues such as Centre Pompidou in Paris, France (1991), The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York, USA (1992), and Armenian Culture days in Washington DC, USA (1995). He also marked his presence in the Tbilisi Biennale (2005) and at the United States Embassy in Armenia (2005).

Decorative Abstract by Tigran Ghazaryan
Decorative Abstract by Tigran Ghazaryan

In more recent years, Ghazaryan's art has been on display in various exhibitions in Switzerland, including the group exhibitions "Soul of Silence" (2021), "Christmas Exhibition" (2021), "Look from a Far" (2022), "Look from Armenia" (2022), and "Cultural Diversity" (2022, 2023). His art will be exhibited at the upcoming "Beyond the Surface" Group Exhibition in Zug, Switzerland in June 2023.

Visitors of Arts Crossroad Gallery are familiar with Ghazaryan's melancholic, tragicomic musician collection. For the upcoming "Beyond the Surface" Group Exhibition, Ghazaryan's decorative abstract style will be the highlight. Primarily working with oil and a palette knife, Ghazaryan's artwork promises to add a unique dimension to the exhibition.

Furthermore, for enthusiasts of Tigran Ghazaryan's art, there is a special news. His melancholic, tragically comedic musician collection is currently on display at Seerestaurant zum Schlüssel da Andrea in Immensee and Ristorante Noi Röthelberg. This presents a remarkable opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration, indulgence, and awe-inspiring vistas. Step into a world where art, cuisine, and nature intersect, creating a magical ambiance that will captivate your senses and leave you in awe.



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