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Color, Rhythm, Emotion: The Abstract Art of Nadzeya Pashkevich at 'Beyond the Surface'

The Arts Crossroad Gallery is delighted to exhibit the works of Nadzeya Pashkevich at the group fine art exhibition "Beyond the Surface" set to take place from the 15th to 18th of June, 2023, at the historic Altstadthalle Zug.

"The Vase" by Nadzeya Pashkevich
"The Vase" by Nadzeya Pashkevich

Nadzeya Pashkevich, born in 1986 in the beautiful Polesie, Stolin region of Belarus, began her artistic journey with traditional paintings after acquiring her professional education at Kobrin Art College. As she has evolved as an artist, Pashkevich has shifted her focus towards the lyrical abstractionism style, creating an imaginative world of illusions, visions, and states of being that captivate audiences. Her expressive interplay of lines and colors arouses a sense of energy and motion in her paintings.

When creating her abstract canvases, Pashkevich primarily utilizes color, forms, and rhythm to express her emotions and sensations.

The artist often steps back after presenting her soul on the canvas, passing the interpretative initiative to the viewer, offering them the opportunity to see and understand her artworks personally.

"Unseen flight" by Nadzeya Pashkevich
"Unseen flight" by Nadzeya Pashkevich

Each of Pashkevich's canvases exhibits a distinct individuality, conveying a wealth of information and the artist's contemplative understanding of existence. Moreover, these works bear a profound energetic imprint.

In tune with her feelings towards the work she creates, Pashkevich fashions a color patch of a specific tonality from which figures, details, sensations, and emotions emerge and reveal themselves. All of her works combine formlessness of images with vibrancy of shades, reminiscent of a play of light.

Overall, Pashkevich's works are harmonious and feminine, inducing a sense of light slumber and contemplation, while remaining emotional and spectacular. Join us at the "Beyond the Surface" exhibition to experience the emotional energy and vivid illusions of Nadzeya Pashkevich's lyrical abstract art.

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