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Cultural diversity: where east and west meet and mix

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Making a name is important for any emerging artist, and joining an exhibition that can attract art lovers from all over the world is an excellent opportunity for a breakthrough. In line with its traditions, Arts Crossroad Gallery is excited to announce the Cultural Diversity group exhibition that will take place in Zug, Switzerland, from November 18 to 27.

Our exhibition and activities program is part of our continuous commitment to connecting contemporary artists with well-known figures in the art world. We want to highlight the diversity of artistic expression and tell stories that reflect and honor people's physical, cultural, and emotional lives and experiences. We organize these shows in traditional and non-traditional gallery venues, including virtual locations, to reach the largest potential audience.

Fireworks of cultures

Cultural Diversity is meant to present the best of east and west in one place, bringing together artists of Armenian, Lebanese, and Spanish heritage, who have plenty to tell the world. The event will feature new collections created by Abel Kazinyan (ARM), Hovnan Sargsyan (ARM), Mushegh Mkhitaryan (ARM), and Tigran Ghazaryan (ARM). These artists have already had the successful experience of displaying and selling their art in Switzerland.

Also, the group exhibition will feature the works of Alejandra Patricia (CH/ESP) and Sarah Richani (CH/LBN), both Swiss-based artists, who’ll join the Arts Crossroad event for the first time.

Alejandra Patricia

Alejandra Patricia was born in Seville, Spain. As she says, art gives her a sense of everything. It is an essential, central, basic core that allows her to convey freely in her personal way. It lessens the inexorable passing of time that offers the opportunity to connect to her intimate self, and to the world. She considers her works mainly influenced by modern and contemporary artists, particularly by abstract expressionists such as Gerhard Richter, or neo-expressionists like Anselm Kiefer.

Sarah Richani

Sarah Richani, originally from Lebanon, is based in Zurich since 2018. She works with mixed media including collage techniques, textural pastes, and metal erosion, and uses oil, gouache, or acrylic paint on canvas or cardboard. In her art, she touches upon philosophy, psychology, and society. For Sarah, we are the product of grand or minor individual memories and everyday experiences. Her paintings display fragmented pieces of recollections each telling a different story as if a diary exploded on the canvas. She uses symbolism and materials transform to carry new meanings.

What to expect?

Cultural Diversity is a multi-layer event that will include an Opening (Nov 18), Vernissage (Nov 19), and Aperos (Nov 20 and 26). Each part is carefully designed to ensure an extremely comfortable and warm environment and to deliver unique collective energy thanks to the participating artists, who come from different cultural backgrounds.

Realistic and imaginary, pragmatic and romantic, the exhibition promises to become one of the most vivid art events in Zug this November.

Aside from the cultural and promotional value, the Cultural Diversity group exhibition offers a valuable sale opportunity for emerging and long-established artists. Translated into a wonderful selection of artworks for display, it presents a coherent story of artistic research and creation that is worth seeing.

Any event organized by Arts Crossroad is distinguished by an individual approach to each artist, combined with excellent promotion, organization, and professional attitude. Held in unique venues, our solo and group exhibitions bring together artists, collectors, and art lovers, who become an inseparable part of the fascinating world of art.

Along with unique artworks, the visitors will also have a chance to enjoy a saxophone performance by talented Georg Lehmann, who will add to the marvelous atmosphere of this multicultural event on November 19 and 20.




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