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Klaus Rune Hansen: Human Imprint, Simplicity & Profundity, Good Vibes at Arts Crossroad Gallery

Updated: May 30, 2023

Arts Crossroad Gallery is delighted to present the minimalist art of Klaus Rune Hansen, a Danish-French artist, at our upcoming group exhibition, "Beyond the Surface."

As a motivational speaker, author, and artist, Rune brings a unique perspective to his creative practice. Living in France for 20 years after graduating with a degree in psychology in Denmark, his artistic journey is as intriguing as his artworks. His minimalist approach masterfully encapsulates the intricacy and complexity of ideas with minimal elements, making each piece a profound statement.

Attraction by Klaus Rune Hansen
Attraction by Klaus Rune Hansen

Rune's art embodies his belief in the power of simplicity. It demonstrates the potency of minimal elements in conveying the complexity and intricacy of ideas. Ten pieces from his three collections—Simplicity & Profundity, Human Imprint, and Good Vibes—will be showcased at the exhibition.

Influenced by his Danish roots, Rune's Good Vibes collection embodies the positive thinking intrinsic to the Danish way of life. The artworks in this collection encapsulate the secrets of Danish happiness, offering a unique blend of comfort, well-being, and harmonious cohabitation.

Female Speed by Klaus Rune Hansen
Female Speed by Klaus Rune Hansen

The Simplicity & Profundity collection is a minimalist exploration of space, time, and human existence. This collection invites introspection about the world we inhabit. It encourages the viewer to live in the present moment—a timely reminder in a world where the past and future often eclipse the now.

Human Imprint, a tribute to humanity, addresses the intricate relationships between women and men. It honours the differences that structure our societal fabric. This collection features 30 paintings, with the artist's body and hands serving as living brushes, merging into a singular expression of thought—an ode to diversity and the inextricable bond between the male and female forms.

Join us for this artistic journey and immerse yourself in the minimalist yet profound world of Klaus Rune. Don't miss out to meet the artist in person during the vernissage on 15th June. Let your mind wander "Beyond the Surface" into a realm of reflection, discovery, and good vibes.



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