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Arts Crossroad: Wonderful Gallery Founded by Asya Haroutunian

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Art is all around us: all you have to do is appreciate and enjoy it. We all began to appreciate the basic delights of life during the worldwide lockdown era. Visiting art galleries and art events is a terrific way to relax and enjoy the moment.

An art gallery, without a doubt, serves as a link between the artists and art aficionados.

Asya Haroutunian, a self-taught painter who started painting in 2016, has launched the “Arts Crossroads Gallery” project in 2018. Having a strong interest in art, Asya has built an online marketplace for art enthusiasts, collectors, and artists from all over the world.

The project began in Switzerland with a pop-up exhibition of "Armenian Art in Arth" The basic concept was to introduce Armenian Modern Art to a Swiss audience and to provide a platform for Armenian artists to show their work outside of their own country.

The "uncovering process" of Armenian Modern Art in Switzerland continued, fueled by the success of the previous exhibition. Two exhibitions were held in the spring of 2019 in the Barrique wine cellar of St. Jakobskellerei Schuler in Seewen and the Altstadthalle in Zug.

The year was closed by a December show in Zug's Altstadthalle, which featured more than 70 paintings and sculptures from Armenia.

Despite the problems posed by COVID-19 pandemics, an art gallery opened in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2020. Throughout the year, Arts Crossroad Gallery organized various solo and group art events.

During the second lockdown wave, Arts Crossroad Gallery has started opting for the virtual gallery concept, with some online exhibitions, sharing the works of various artists with broader communities.

It may sound odd, but the lockdown period boosted the creativity of many Artists, resulting in a wonderful exhibition called "Soul of Silence" (July 2021, Zug). The exhibition name speaks for itself: while the artists were actively creating during the lockdown periods, their works of art were mainly invisible to the rest of the world, as their souls.

In August 2021, Asya Haroutunian has presented her series called “Colorful Dandelions” at SWISSARTEXPO.

Christmas is near, as well as the next Arts Crossroad Exhibition!

Arts Crossroad Gallery Christmas group exhibition will take place the 9-19 December 2021 in Zug. The visitors will have the chance to enjoy the vernissage and an aperitif, contemplate exquisite artworks of various styles.

During this Christmas exhibition, we will present the artworks of the following artists:

- Asya Haroutuinian - series of mysterious, delicate, and attractive acrylic pouring paintings

- Aram Hunanyan – series of incredible, one-of-a-kind clay angels, messengers of love and peace, renowned across the world

- Viktor Khanyan – vibrant paintings from the series called “Happy Houses” and “Little Prince”.

- Ara Arayan – Ara is multitalented, he is a painter and a poet. Hence, it is not surprising that some of his paintings feature poetry dedicated to that artwork, at the reverse side.

- Ekaterina Nikitina /Katyusha/ - portrait paintings of a unique and recognizable style

- Marina Kusraeva - vivid seascape paintings, looking at them, you will completely immerse in the depths of the sea, hear the sounds of waves, and feel the warmth of the sun.

- Tigran Ghazaryan - starting from 1991 to 2015, Tigran has participated in various national and international group exhibitions. Arts Crossroad Gallery will present for the first time Tigran's latest oil paintings. His series of fairytale musicians fill the heart with light and warmth.

- Samvel Martirosyan - to create his amazing paintings and unique stone/bronze sculptures, Samvel finds inspiration in the inner worlds, emotions and feelings of human beings. His "khachkars" (Armenian cross-stones) are placed in various cities in Armenia and abroad.

- Hovnan Sargsyan - his paintings bring alive his childhood dreams, as the artist states. That's why his paintings are so smoothed out, amazing, magical. That's why his online exhibition is called..."Dream".

- Yana Poyarkova - paintings created in the style of so-called “naïve realism”: cheerful, heartwarming, comprehensive for everyone.

- Abel Karen Kazinyan - his paintings, depicting a human, an object or an animal, transmit the artist's inner joy. Abel's first exhibition dates back to 1984 (in Helsinki), and since then his works have been exhibited in many countries around Europe, the USA, Russia. Arts Crossroad Gallery will present his artworks for the first time.

We will be happy to welcome you at the Arts Crossroad Gallery Christmas Exhibition! We are waiting for everyone who wants to immerse in a heartwarming and artful Christmas atmosphere. Our renewed art collection will help you to get into the holiday spirit, and (why not?) find the perfect Christmas gift!


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