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Silva Kerchekian: A Life Interwoven with Art and Architecture

Silva Kerchekian has intricately weaved a path that binds both distinct and intertwining realms of creativity and structural design. An alumna of Erevan State Polytechnical University in Armenia, her diverse career spans across 25 remarkable years in architecture and encompasses the heartfelt realm of teaching arts.

Silva has illuminated various platforms with her artworks, gracing exhibitions and expositions in countries like Syria, Lebanon, and her homeland, Armenia. The echoes of her works found resonance in spaces like the State Museums of Latakia and Damascus, the Armenian Red Cross headquarters in Beirut, and the Journalists Union in Armenia, among others.

Through her surrealistic lens, Silva endeavors to unravel the tapestry of life, illustrating its myriad highs and lows with an authenticity that is both stark and subtly nuanced. Her art aims not just to be seen, but to invoke reflection, to tell stories, and to navigate through the emotional and existential contours of human life. Silva’s commitment to infusing her creations with meaning and depth reflects her intrinsic belief in art as a medium that transcends aesthetic appeal, beckoning observers into a space of connection and contemplation.

Silva's works will be showcased at the upcoming Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, providing a wonderful opportunity for art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in her surrealistic visions and explore the depths and intricacies of human experiences through her creations.



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