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Natural Realism by Yvonne Praeger

As we progress in our lead-up to the Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, we turn our spotlight to the realm of natural realism, beautifully captured by the talented Yvonne Praeger.

Born in Essen and raised near Köln, Yvonne Praeger embarked on a career in graphic design after her training as a Design Technical Assistant. Working in various advertising agencies and companies, she moved to Switzerland in 2008. It was in Lausanne, at Mireille Desroches' Atelier "Aux ateliers de Mireilles," where Yvonne passionately delved into oil painting, participating in numerous group exhibitions.

Her artistic pursuit further intensified after moving to Thurgau, as she commenced her studies in Contemporary Painting at the Freie Kunstakademie in Überlingen. By January 2020, Yvonne opened her own studio in Berlingen, Switzerland. Beyond oil painting, she adeptly experiments with a range of techniques, including encaustic, pastel painting, and acrylic. Her artwork primarily draws inspiration from the natural world — the flora and fauna.

She has a penchant for realistic painting, immersing herself deeply into the intricate details of her subjects. Through her art, Yvonne aspires to encapsulate the beauty and uniqueness of nature, urging viewers to observe closely and appreciate the nuances.

Always intrigued by the potential of color, light, and shadow in creating depth in artwork, Yvonne's artistic expressions have evolved around this fascination.

In essence, Yvonne Praeger's artistic journey is a profound blend of her foundational training and her evolving exploration into various mediums, techniques, and themes. Her commitment to capturing the beauty of nature reflects in every piece, making her a noteworthy artist to watch and appreciate.

Don't miss the chance to witness firsthand the vibrant nature realism by Yvonne Praeger at Contemporary Art Fair Luzern.



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