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How to sell art online: tips for the artists

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Ars longa, vita Brevis; The ancient Greeks understood the importance of art in life.

They knew that the artists’ immortality was crystallized in their work of art.

We live in a dizzying world where everyone fends for himself and, at the same

time, tries to self-express.

However, can we survive as artists only inside our fancies? When we look at our

paintings, we may feel admiration. But it is not enough: we want others to marvel at our art. We need an audience.

Art for art's sake…or for the sake of those who value it? Nowadays, art exhibitions

and online galleries provide a great opportunity for the public to define and appreciate


As an artist, you are someone for whom art is a vital necessity. Meanwhile, you have

to bring the artwork to the relevant audience, advertise it, and find ways to sell your


The internet is full of tips on selling paintings online. Be it a modern acrylic

painting, ceramics, sculpture, watercolor art, drawings, or any contemporary

artwork: when we speak about how to sell art online, we should have the motivation and a

positive attitude in the first place.

Arts Crossroad Gallery provides some useful hints for selling your art online to the proper consumers.

SOCIAL MEDIA as a living room for art

By staying active on social media and sharing your artworks there, you have the

opportunity to overcome the barrier of time and space.

If we visualize ourselves in a big house, sharing our works of art on social

media could be compared to a large living room with paintings hanging on the walls and full of guests fascinated by art.

By following Arts Crossroad Gallery on Facebook, and other social networks, you can become a part of an art community and stay updated about upcoming art exhibitions and various art events.

ONLINE ART EXHIBITIONS AND ART GALLERIES as great platforms to sell art

Showing your artwork in online galleries will expand the field of potential collectors

and give you additional exposure.

Participate in online art exhibitions, share your vision with the world, and give your

artwork the reach it deserves.

Check out Arts Crossroad online paintings and sculptures gallery. Learn more about our art fairs, exhibitions, and events. Our professional art event coordinators are always here to help you with art event planning, organization, and administration.

THE STORY that will turn on the lights

Let's visualize the following; your painting is exhibited in a dimly lit room, and you need to add there some extra light.

Now imagine your story to be that light in the room: as soon as you start telling it, the light turns on, and your art shines more than ever!

Thanks to your story, your art will immediately create an emotional connection with the viewer. Hence, never hesitate to tell stories about your art in the form of engaging descriptions, be the story funny, sad, or a weird one.

Be the one who narrates your canvas’ story, instead of hiding behind them!

Read about the talented artists presented at Arts Crossroad Gallery and explore their modern artworks.


Just like writers, artists have their unique voice and style, making them stand out from the crowd.

True art lovers mostly know what they want exactly. Having a clear painting style can highly increase your chances of targeting the right audience, which will stay loyal to your art.

For example, Tigran Asatryan’s paintings attract the viewers by impeccable attention to the characters and by mastery of color. You will notice his astonishing and unique style characterized by exquisite colors.

"It is true in the majority of my portraits there is sadness & grief and this is how I transfer certain my personal qualities to the canvas", says Tigran.

Hovnan Sargsyan’s childhood left a huge impact on his paintings. As the artist states, his childhood dreams come alive through his paintings. Maybe that is why some of our gallery visitors compare Hovnan’s style with the poetic, figurative style proper to Marc Chagall's paintings, characterized by dreamlike qualities.

Marina Kusraeva’s seascape paintings were influenced by her birthplace and her infinite love for nature. Being born at the coast of the Black Sea, she knew how to sense the sea since her childhood. Studying under famous marine painters, she learned how to express her feelings, emotions, and her own song of the sea. Marina applies thin layers of paint to create multilayered works of art. That is what makes her works of art absolutely vivid and immersive: looking at them, you can listen to the sound of the waves and feel the breeze.

Asya Haroutuinian's series of acrylic pouring paintings are mesmerizing and mysterious. The acrylic pouring process is quite enigmatic. Asya had a chance to reveal the amazing secrets of this technology. After all, each work of art represents the artist's thoughts and feelings, as a reflection of his state of mind. An acrylic pouring technique is a wonderful example displaying how the creator’s reflection is fully involved: from the moment the paint is poured till it dries. Asya finds the surprising color gradients and delightfully harmonized blends to be a fascinating experience. These paintings' delicate and varied color combinations offer an energetic and relaxing impact at the same time.

Follow other artists, be open to new ideas. Communicate, inspire, and get inspired.

Develop your imagination, constantly educate yourself, and everything will smoothly work out. Picasso once said 'Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. It is your turn to cleanse the soul and wash away the grime of reality through your art. You merely have to deliver it to the right person in the most convenient way.



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