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Exclusive Private Collection of Christophe Hohler

Arts Crossroad Gallery proudly presents an exhibition featuring a private collection of Christophe Hohler’s paintings.


Christophe Hohler is a versatile visual artist, skilled in painting, drawing, engraving, lithography, and sculpture. He first gained prominence through his engravings at Galerie l’Estampe in 2000. Hohler’s work, an intricate blend of figuration and expressionism, centers on the representation of the human body and its vast potential.


Christophe Hohler resides and works in France. Born in Basel in 1961, he holds both French and Swiss nationality. His artistic journey began with foundational training in printing and testing in Switzerland, followed by courses at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel. Hohler further honed his craft with five years of study at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg.


Hohler's career is marked by an extensive exhibition history across Europe and beyond. His work has been showcased in a variety of prestigious venues, demonstrating his international appeal and versatility as an artist.


A first glance at Hohler’s paintings reveals his preoccupation with the human form. Through various perspectives—front, profile, three-quarter view, or from behind—he guides the viewer from one colored silhouette to another, evolving towards an increasingly autonomous pictorial discourse and exploring the duality of shadow and light.


Beyond this initial impression, the relationship between the subject and its frame becomes apparent, establishing a dialogue between the figure and the format, where the artist's corporeality interacts with the medium.


Christophe Hohler often works in series, depicting standing figures, both male and female. These bodies fully inhabit the canvas, engaging with the edges to assert their presence and emphasize the framing. The diverse postures evoke a range of motions and states, from movement to stillness. Hohler moves beyond anatomical realism, suggesting nudity rather than explicitly depicting it. He captures attitudes and states such as waiting, meditation, observation, walking, and reading.


This exclusive exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience the depth and breadth of Christophe Hohler’s artistic vision. Featuring a private collection of his works, all available for immediate purchase, it showcases Hohler's exploration of the human form combined with his masterful use of various mediums. This provides a compelling and thought-provoking experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. We invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Christophe Hohler and discover the profound beauty and complexity of his work.



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