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Solmaz Lienhard: A Fusion of Art and Spirituality

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Solmaz Lienhard, poised to be one of the shining stars at the upcoming Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, boasts an art journey that is as intriguing as it is illuminating. Born with an insatiable quest for artistic evolution, Solmaz embarked on a journey of self-discovery, post her bachelor's degree, which spanned various countries, cultures, and art techniques.

She honed her craft by attending myriad workshops in Iran and Armenia, diving deep into drawing, watercolor painting, miniature, calligraphy, and the intricate art of batik printing. Her expansive skillset wasn't just limited to paper and canvas. Venturing into materials like clay, wood, and metals, she experienced the intricate craft of carpet weaving. She carved a niche for herself in Iran, with participation in various exhibitions and even collaborating with urban design departments for city sculptures. Her prowess in the realm of art seamlessly translated to interior design projects, where she was both the ideator and executor.

However, the real transformation in Solmaz's journey began when she decided to traverse from the Far East – visiting countries like Thailand, India, Nepal, and Cambodia – to the West, exploring the vibrant cultures of Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. This voyage wasn't just about understanding art across geographies, but a deeper introspection into human existence and connections. It was during this phase that Solmaz discovered the power of meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

This spiritual enlightenment began influencing her art, leading to collections - “Moment” and “Impact”, showcased in Tehran and later in Basel. These collections embodied the concept of interconnectedness and timelessness, offering the audience an immersive experience. The unique interactivity of her art, where spectators could engage and influence the pieces, emphasized her belief in universal connectivity.

Join us at the Contemporary Art Fair Luzern to experience Solmaz Lienhard's artwork – a testament to her journey, beliefs, and the transcendence of art beyond borders and perceptions.



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