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Patrizia Stierli's Journey in "Imaginary Realism"

Born in Lugano in 1974, Patrizia Stierli has been expressing her passion for painting for over three decades. While she started as a self-taught artist, her journey took a pivotal turn when she was introduced to oil painting by renowned artist Nando Snozzi.

This was followed by formal training in art schools across Italy, France, and Switzerland, culminating in a specialization in theatrical scenic painting. Stierli's art encapsulates "fantastic realism", crafting imagined yet plausible worlds, encouraging viewers to rekindle a sense of wonder for reality.

At the Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, attendees will have the privilege to experience Patrizia Stierli's evocative watercolors from the "58 Taps" series. The series began with a singular "tap", but as Patrizia began to sketch its outline, she found herself immersed in a cascade of visual inspiration. It was as if she had turned on a tap, releasing an unending stream of creative imagery. This artistic outpouring led to the conception of the "58 Taps" series, with each watercolor masterpiece uniformly sized at 31 x 75 cm.

As we look forward to the Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, Stierli's evocative works promise to be a highlight.



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