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"Nadzeya Pashkevich: A Lyrical Journey into the Heart of Abstract Art"

Nadzeya Pashkevich, born in 1986 in the Stolin region of Belarus, has established herself as a remarkable figure in abstract art. Initially starting with traditional painting techniques, she gradually shifted towards lyrical abstractionism, creating a realm filled with enchanting illusions and visions.

A graduate of Kobrin Art College, Pashkevich's artistic journey is vividly reflected in her abstract works, where a symphony of color, form, and rhythm vividly portrays her innermost feelings. Her art invites personal interpretation, creating a profound and intimate dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.

Each piece by Pashkevich is marked by a distinctive individuality. They are introspective and vibrant, a testament to her deep insight into the essence of being. She skillfully uses color tones to sculpt figures, details, and emotions, infusing her art with a harmonious feminine essence. Her work is characterized by formless imagery that melds fluidly with vivid colors, evoking the delicate interplay of light.

Pashkevich's art has gained international acclaim, with her first solo exhibition, "State of the Soul," debuting at the "Vilnuis" Gallery in Minsk, Belarus, in 2014. She has since been recognized in numerous international art competitions and fairs, such as the "Art Week in China" at Beijing's Cultural Center in 2018.

The body of work by Nadzeya Pashkevich evokes a tranquil contemplation, filled with emotion and spectacle. Her oeuvre is a testament to her ongoing exploration and commitment to abstract art, demonstrating her versatility and passion as an artist. It offers global audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in her captivating and profound artistic world.

Recently, Nadzeya Pashkevich's artworks were showcased at the 'Beyond the Surface' group exhibition in Zug and at the 'Luzern Art Fair 2023' organized by Arts Crossroad Gallery. Join us at the Zug Christmas Exhibition to experience her renewed collection.



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