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Gifting Art for Christmas: Tips by Arts Crossroad Gallery

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Christmas is near, and regardless of our age, we are all waiting for the exciting gift exchange!

If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind Christmas gift that you never thought of, why not to choose an artwork?

Offering Art as a Christmas gift is a great idea: it is unexpected, unique, and timeless. Your relatives, family, friends will be overwhelmed by such a present… if you know how to choose it!

An artwork by itself is a very personal present. Offering Art to someone is a great way of showing that you care for that person and that you know him/her very well. However, you can personify it even more!

So how to choose artwork as a perfect Christmas gift?

1. Define your budget

No matter if you are buying an original artwork or a fine art print: it is always possible to find an exquisite artwork that will satisfy your taste without burning a hole in your pocket. At Arts Crossroad Gallery you will find a wonderful selection of original paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other amazing works of art. Setting a clear budget in mind will help you to narrow down your selection and to make a good choice.

2. Find out the receiver’s preferences and taste

No matter if you know the recipient for many years, or you just met: finding out his specific preferences is not very difficult. Often the preferences in colors, styles, as well as things and places they like, and even their pastime or birthplace speak a lot about the person, and can be of big help for choosing a present for him/her. A work of art can even symbolize something you have/had in common: interests, special events, and occasions, etc.

3. Consider the receiver’s home design

Before offering someone an artwork, preferably you should be familiar with his/her living space. An artwork must harmonize with the interior design, with the home’s “character”. Before buying an artwork as a Christmas gift, try to answer some basic questions. Will the artwork match the interior’s colors and décor? Will the artwork’s shape complement the shapes present in the room? Will the artworks’ size be compatible with the room’s dimensions? Will that particular artwork style “work” in that particular interior?

oil painting for sale; "Etretat rocks"; Artist: Marina Kusraeva;
"Etretat rocks"; Artist: Marina Kusraeva
acrylic painting for sale; "Katrine"; Artist: Ekaterina Nikitina
"Katrine"; Artist: Ekaterina Nikitina

4. Customize your present

The true, original artwork itself is unique and exclusive because it reflects the creator’s inner world. Each reflection is unique: no two works of art are identical.

Apart from that, you can customize the art gift, giving it a completely personal touch. For that purpose, you can buy a framed artwork, or frame it yourself, to make it harmonize even more with the interior design.

Another option would be to ask the Artist for a dedication. Alternatively, you can buy an artwork with a “secret message” on it. Choose the one, which will transmit something you have in common, adding an extra touch of personalization.

For example, at Arts Crossroad Gallery you can buy the paintings created by Ara Arayan. Ara is multi-talented: he is a painter and a poet. At the back of many of his paintings, you will find his poetry dedicated to the theme of that particular painting.

Each one of the amazing and unique clay angels, created by Aram Hunanyan, has its character…and inscription at its back. Offering one of these angelic creatures is a great way of expressing your love and affection.

Even if you do not get a chance to meet the author personally, you can make a little research, and add a little note about the Artist’s biography, style, etc.

Arts Crossroad Gallery Christmas Exhibition, Zug 2021

Visiting an Art Event is an excellent option for purchasing an artwork as a Christmas gift!

Arts Crossroad Gallery is happy to welcome you to the Christmas Exhibition in Zug (9-19 December 2021). If you’re lucky enough to be in town, don’t miss it, simply stop by, get immersed in the Christmas atmosphere, discover new artists, artworks, explore new emotions, and maybe you will find your ideal present for Christmas!

Or else, just choose your Christmas present from a variety of original artworks presented in our online art store!



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