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Flow of Life: exclusive reproduction

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The “Circle of Life” artwork created in October 2019 gave the start to the “Flow of life” series painted with Acrylic Pouring Technique, also known as Fluid Art Technique. The idea evolved throughout the years. Although the artworks are created in an abstract style, there is immense symbolism and reflection embedded.

The symbolism starts with the technique that allows to get the effect of flow and can be associated with the flow of life: colorful, bubbly, and calm, with its ups and downs…. The Acrylic Pouring Technique is also known for being not a fully controllable process. There is a pretty good amount of unpredictability regarding how the end result eventually will look. Just like in real life when we plan or long for something, however, life flows with its own defined pass.

“Flow of life” series, limited edition

The idea of having the “Flow of life” series has been around since the very beginning. It was clear from the very first painting that those artworks need special light solution to open up to the audience in full depth. During the past years Asya Haroutunian has tried several ideas, till the right solution was found.

Exclusive Reproduction

The original artwork is being reproduced on a special textile that allows light to pass through without distortion and at the same time highlights the texture and lace-like patterns which might be difficult to capture without the professional gallery-style lighting even with the original artwork.

What makes those works so exclusive?

· Two in one solution

· It is bringing not only esthetical satisfaction, but also has a practical use

· The artwork is framed and ready for hanging

· No additional lighting is needed

· No reflection

· Available in different sizes

· LED light solutions: green, sustainable, and energy-efficient

“Er”, “Sie”, “Herbst”

The artworks “Er”, “Sie” and “Herbst” were created in the autumn of 2021. The first was “Er”. Initially, the title of the work was different but the creation of “Sie” eventually imposed the title change of the first painting.

Both “Er” and “Sie” have the same pattern, i.e. the paintings are split diagonally in black and white, and in between there is a colorful flow that plexes with both black and white, like the life with all its different aspects. The mixture and intensity of the colors resemble phases of our lives. Invasion of white and fading colors into black highlight the positive aspects of the dark and difficult moments of our lives…. The texture, with thin, lace-like patterns highlights how fragile and twiggy life can be ….

Autumn is part of our life flow…. Thrilled and inspired by natural colors, “Herbst” is an abstract interpretation of autumn. Ocher, yellow, orange-red, and purple gradually turning into brown…

Superficially, it is extremely colorful; it can be warm and embracing but once we scratch the surface we feel a melancholic mood and see the naked nature. We start sensing the cold wind, announcing the onset of natural hibernation which is part of our life as well …

Limited edition reproductions as well as the original artworks can be viewed at temporary exhibition starting from 22 February 2023 at Restaurant Bacco Arth, Zugerstrasse 1, 6415 Arth, Switzerland. Alternatively the works are available online.



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