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Art Fairs: challenges and opportunities

Why participate in art fairs?

Participating in art fairs is one of the best ways for artists to make a name and find new audiences across the world. Art fairs act as a gateway to the breathtaking world of art, unlocking many doors and offering emerging creators unique opportunities to establish contact with well-known galleries, dealers, museums, curators, collectors, critics, and agents.

Indeed, few things compare to in-person conversations with educated specialists and renowned artists when it comes to visual art. However, if attending the art fair where your work is showcased doesn’t seem possible for whatever reason, you have nothing to worry about once you seal cooperation with a reliable and devoted curator.

Why with Arts Crossroad?

Arts Crossroad Fair is a new concept that provides the opportunity for talented and aspiring artists from all over the world to present their original artworks at small-medium-large scale Swiss art exhibitions.

Representing independent artists since 2018, Arts Crossroad Gallery established a close relationship with each exhibiting artist with a strong belief that personalization and the artist's own brand ensure mutual success.

As a result of cooperation with the Arts Crossroad Gallery, you will get not just a space to display your work, but an entire set of services that will help the visitors discover your talent and fall in love with your art. You do not have to be present at the exhibition in person: all events are permanently supervised by specialists while a professional team actively promotes the sale. Detailed information about what we do is available here.

Art Fairs in Switzerland: locations and reasons

For 2022-2023, Arts Crossroad Gallery has chosen three prime locations in Switzerland to host small to medium size art exhibitions: Zurich, Zug, and Luzern.

Art International Zurich is one of the most famous art events in Switzerland that has established itself as a crucial Swiss marketplace for contemporary art since 1999. This year, the 24th Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art will be taking place at the Zurich Convention Center (Kongresshaus) from October 13 to 16, with a wide range of exclusive artworks waiting for visitors. As a part of the Swiss art community, Arts Crossroad Gallery joins the event to showcase the works of some the artists who are in close cooperation with the gallery.

Given its wide popularity, Art International Zurich has already received a full complement of participants. Still, there is a possibility to participate in similarly marvellous exhibitions in Zug and Luzern. Why Zug and Luzern, you may ask? This choice was no accident. Located not far from Zurich, the town of Zug hosts headquarters for a number of multinational enterprises thanks to being a low-tax region. Besides, the Expat City Ranking based on a study of over 20,000 respondents, rated the quality of life in Zug highest among the other cities in the survey. For established and emerging artists, having a prosperous business and expat community as a target audience is an excellent chance to sell their art.

With first-class infrastructure and historical landmarks, Luzern boasts multifunctional event centers and offers an ideal setting for art exhibitions. Its magnificent lakeside location and Alpine peaks nearby attract a great number of tourists annually, offering a unique opportunity to make an art event world-famous.

How to apply

To apply for participation in any of the art exhibitions, you’ll be asked to fill out a registration form and make a prepayment. The application will be reviewed within 5 working days by the Artistic Board. In case your works are not approved for participation, the prepayment will be returned to you in full in compliance with our General Terms and Conditions.

3D personal exhibition

If you are still unsure about joining an in-person exhibition, Arts Crossroad Gallery can offer you a fantastic opportunity to grow your online presence and showcase your artworks worldwide via a 3D personal exhibition available for viewers round the clock for 30 days in addition to 90 days of online sales.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.



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