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Art Fair that makes the difference

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

What makes Arts Cr​ossroad Gallery special?

Look at the artwork. Feel the emotions. Pull the invisible strings to open the door to the undiscovered…

In these busy days, art fairs come forth as skillful guides to walk you through the world of modern art, where long-established artists exhibit their latest masterpieces while young creators receive the opportunity to make a name, strike up useful contacts and gain knowledge about the commercial component of the art world.

In this context, Zurich-based Arts Crossroad Gallery upholds the traditions of the best Swiss art galleries and offers a new concept that gives talented and aspiring artists across the globe a chance to showcase their original artworks in the very heart of Switzerland.

What is new about Arts Crossroad Fair concept?

Since its launch in 2018, Arts Crossroad organized various types of art exhibitions, from online displays in the periods of lockdown to on-site solo and group exhibitions, observing all the rules imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, what started with a small pop-up exposition of Armenian artists has gradually developed into a full-fledged concept that implies the organization of stand-alone small and medium-size art showings.

To uncover new talents and help them pave their way to success, Arts Crossroad Fairs will be held throughout 2022-2023 in three prime locations - Zurich, Zug, and Luzern - with three types of packages available. In Zurich, the artists will become a part of the famous Art International Zurich, one of the most important Swiss marketplaces for new and contemporary art.

What else makes our events special? Personalization. Arts Crossroad doesn’t just organize an ordinary exhibition, it creates an atmosphere that focuses on the artists and their brands, adding a personal touch to the entire event.

In addition to all-inclusive on-site services from handling to selling, we will create each participating artist's individual page on the Arts Crossroad website, install banners and posters, as well as post publications and advertisements in the local cultural magazines and online media.

For more detailed information about our art fair, you are more than welcome to visit Arts Crossroad Gallery website.

Are you an emerging artist with the feeling that something extraordinary and significant is going to happen in your life? Never hesitate to take your chance and showcase your works along with several other talented personalities in a place where art enthusiasts will undoubtedly obtain your artwork if you reach their hearts.

Whether you are an amateur art lover or the owner of an extensive collection of artworks, you are welcome to our exhibitions to discover new artists, explore their talent, and buy original art.

Arts Crossroad gallery is proud to cooperate with amazing artists like Tigran Asatryan, Mushegh Mkhitaryan, Marina Kusraeva, Viktor Khanyan, Aram Hunanyan, Tigran Ghazaryan, Ekaterina Nikitina, Samvel Martirosyan, Hovnan Sargsyan, Yana Poyarkova, Ara Arayan, and Abel Karen Kazinyan. We strongly believe many others will join soon.

Why join Arts Crossroad Fair?

Art is eternal… We are all born with our own sense of beauty and irrelatively of our walk of life, we belong to the world of art that symbolizes peace and kindness. For some of us, the art must be eye-pleasing, the others prefer realistic art, and still, others prioritize whether the painting or sculpture conveys strong emotions and feelings.

To gain popularity, modern artists always try to enlarge the borders of what we are used to calling art. Inspired by the most creative ideas, they cover canvases with exquisite photographic preciseness or find themselves in abstractionism.

If you create in any genre and wish to display and sell your art, our professional team will be happy to get in contact and engage you in our events, either online or on-site.

At our small and mid-size exhibitions designed for up to 20 artists, we provide our participants with the full list of services including the installation of the artworks, insurance, local transportation, and warehousing. Our art gallery also provides high-profile support of sales and advisory professionals throughout the exhibition. As well as labeling the exhibition space, we create special QR codes that will direct the visitors to the artist's page on the Arts Crossroad Gallery website.

The limited number of participants allows us to provide each artist with a fair opportunity to display their artworks, while a group of supervising sales and advisory professionals will use their knowledge and competence to promote sales throughout the event, regardless of whether the artist is personally present or was unable to attend the exhibition.

Any of our art event activities is not limited to the time when it’s held. Months of preparation work and summarization go into each of it. As a result of these coordinated efforts, we organize unique art expositions in unique venues, bringing together artists, collectors, art lovers, experts, and media people to make our humble contribution to the history of Art.



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