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Following Dreams: Chilla Mosby

In the lead-up to the Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, we embark on a journey to unveil the stories behind our participating artists, offering glimpses into the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that have molded their artistic endeavors.

The first spotlight of our series falls gracefully upon Chilla Mosby, whose journey intertwines humble beginnings, resilient dreams, and an unstoppable creative spirit that has triumphantly resurfaced against all odds.

Navigating through her youth, Chilla encountered the all-too-familiar trials that besiege many budding creatives: a lack of support and encouragement, leading her to traverse alternate paths and immerse herself in the regularities of everyday work. Yet, the ember of creativity, although dimmed, never extinguished within her spirit.

“Creating beauty is one of my Big Five for Life," shares Chilla, a sentiment that resonates deeply through her works. A few years ago, she committed herself to painting, allowing creativity to flow boundlessly week after week, continually evolving her style and relishing the challenges and joys nested in learning and exploring.

Chilla Mosby’s story is not merely an artist’s tale; it is a beacon of encouragement, highlighting that one is never too old, nor is it ever too late, to usher dormant dreams into the vibrant realms of reality, spreading joy to oneself and onlookers alike.

Join us as we continue to explore the stories of our participating artists in the upcoming days, journeying through their diverse artistic landscapes, and immersing into the worlds that will converge beautifully in Luzern this October.



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