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  • Amelie

    Treat everyone with kindness, especially yourself. Never forget to smile because smiling fills you with positive energy. Let your imagination go wild and keep your mind open to new opportunities and ideas that might transform the world around you. Care about the people you love. Anytime, wherever, be who you are. When you find real love, don't be afraid to go after it. 


    The main character of the iconic French movie, Amelie, is recognizable even at the time you don’t see her face. You know it’s her, once you see her flippy, chin-length bob with short bangs.  


    Ekaterina Nikitina’s Amelie is magnificent though you can’t see her big captivating eyes and hypnotic smile. This painting takes you to a world made up of bright, rich colors and moments of magic realism.

    • Details

      Canvas, Acrylic

      Size: 50 x 40 cm

      Year Created: 2022

      Artist: Ekaterina Nikitina

    • Additional Information

      The artwork will be shipped to you in 1-3 weeks, depending on the location it has to be delivered. We will provide you with more precise shipping duration estimate when the order is placed.


      Please contact us if you have questions about this artwork.

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