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Levon Aslanyan "Conflict & Dialogue"

At the Contemporary Art Fair Luzern, Levon Aslanyan is set to showcase his captivating series, "Urartian Warriors" and "Cosmic Elements of Micro-worlds".

Urartian Warriors

Levon Aslanyan offers a modern interpretation of what defines a "warrior" in today's world through his graphic series "Urartian Warriors." With advancements in technology, the traditional face of the warrior has undergone a drastic transformation. Today, battles often extend beyond physical terrains into economic, informational, and cultural arenas, making every individual an inadvertent warrior. In this thought-provoking series, Aslanyan presents warriors with a sense of inner tranquility and majestic nobility. These larger-than-life figures seem to exist timelessly, reminding viewers of the eternal nature of protection and caretaking.

Cosmic Elements of Micro-worlds

If humankind were able to appropriate some elements from space, what elements would we choose? And what would they look like? These are questions that the artist Levon Aslanyan poses in his series, “Cosmic Elements of Micro-worlds.” The objects Aslanyan has created are physical embodiments of data derived from intergalactic elements. Given the unbridgeable distance between our planet and other astral entities, Aslanyan has chosen to interpret outer space by using line, color and texture to mold heretofore unknown forms. His artworks invite us to take a closer look at the unknown, by focusing our individual lenses on a set of elements that are strikingly alien and yet somehow familiar.

Levon Aslanyan is bridging the gap between the past and the future, the terrestrial and the cosmic, don't miss this immersive artistic experience.



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