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"Beyond the Surface: The Mastery and Harmony in Guido Lötscher's Multi-Layered Art"

As we approach the "La Primavera" fine art exhibition, we are embarking on an explorative journey to uncover the narratives of the artists involved. This venture offers insights into the motivations, obstacles, and victories that have shaped their artistic journeys, providing a deeper understanding of the creative processes and experiences behind their work.

Our series begins by shining a spotlight on Guido Lötscher, whose journey into the world of painting began later in life, despite his teenage years being marked by a strong passion for oil painting. As a self-taught artist, his quest to find a personal artistic voice led him through various creative processes. It was his encounter with the works of American painter Mark Rothko that steered him away from figurative painting to the realms of non-objective and "metaphysical" color field painting.

In his artistic endeavours, Lötscher confronts the challenge of blending the harmony of colors and forms with spontaneous expression and meditative depth. His pursuit revolves around connecting the sensual with the metaphysical, fostering an introspective state of consciousness rooted in tranquility.

Lötscher's artistic evolution has increasingly embraced the informal techniques of abstract-expressive squeegee art. This style shares strong parallels with "metaphysical" color field painting. His goal remains constant: to craft quiet, meditative yet dynamic and forceful images that provoke contemplation and foster inner equilibrium.

His abstract works come to life through an intuitive yet contemplative process. This involves multiple layers of paint application, scrapings, and overlays using tools like squeegees, palette knives, and brushes. The intrinsic effects and randomness of color and form play a crucial role in this process. The artworks that emerge often hint at spatial or landscape motifs but remain non-objective, allowing free interpretation and individual perception.

Join us as we continue to explore the stories of our participating artists in the upcoming days, journeying through their diverse artistic landscapes, and immersing into the worlds that will converge beautifully in Luzern this March.



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