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Guido Lötscher

Guido Loetscher_edited.jpg
Painting reveals to me a consciousness that liberates and at the same time stimulates my  intuition and creative work

Guido Lötscher was born in 1960 in Langnau BE, Switzerland.


Since 2015, he has embarked on a path as a self-taught painter. Prior to this, in 1992, he acquired expertise as a Social Insurance Specialist, earning a federal diploma from Lucerne, Switzerland. Additionally, in 1993, he achieved certification as a Marketing Planner with a federal diploma from Basel, Switzerland.



Guido debuted with his first exhibition in 2018, and since then, he has been actively participating in group exhibitions and fairs, in addition to hosting solo shows.

2018 – Group exhibition, Galerie Artefix, Sempach, Switzerland

2018 – The Meditative Power of Colors, Artefix, Sempach, Switzerland

2019 – Open studio days, Studio Guido Lötscher, Luzern Switzerland 

2020 – ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH, Zürich, Switzerland  

2021 – SWISSARTEXPO ZURICH, Zürich, Switzerland 

2021 – Solo-exhibition, Atelier Guido Lötscher, Luzern, Switzerland

2022 – RHY ART SALON BASEL, Basel, Switzerland  

2022 – SWISSARTEXPO ZURICH, Zürich, Switzerland

2022/23 – Group Exhibition "Bubble Art Projects", Hotel Hilton Zurich Airport, Switzerland

2022/23 – Group Exhibition, Galerie Böhner, Mannheim, Germany  

2023 – Group Exhibition "Bubble Art Projects", Hotel Hilton Köln, Germany

2023 – Art KARLSRUHE, Karlsruhe, Germany 

2023 – Solo-exhibition, GALERIE AM LINDENHOF, Zürich, Switzerland 

2024 – "La Primavera" Arts Crossroad Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland


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