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Das Flüstern des Meeres
  • Das Flüstern des Meeres

    In the breathless silence of a lonely day, she takes a large seashell to her ear to get enchained by the distant roaring sound of the ocean waves. It’s a faint illusion that will let her lose hold of reality and be carried away to a seashore, where colored pebbles are sparkling under the gorgeous sun. 


    Awaking sweet memories, the seashell gently whispers about the red-haired mermaids, secrets of undersea, majestic corals, unpolished pearls, and loving dolphins. For some precious moments, it will wipe the sadness from the eyes and bitterness from the soul. 


    As Tigran Asatryan confesses, the majority of his portraits are imbued with sadness and grief and this is the way he often transfers his personal qualities and feelings to the canvas. With subtle textures and soft transitions, he creates a delicate mist that washes away the borderline between the imaginary and real world. 

    • Einzelheiten

      Leinwand, Öl

      Größe: 40 x 30 cm

      Erstellungsjahr: 2017

      Künstler: Tigran Asatryan

    • zusätzliche Information

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    CHF 700.00Preis
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