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Aprikosenbaum in voller Blüte
  • Aprikosenbaum in voller Blüte

    Covered with pinkish-white flowers, a blooming apricot tree symbolizes the arrival of spring. For Armenians, it’s also the symbol of hope, strength, and resilience. Young and shy, the sapling takes roots in fertile soil and grows into a strong branchy tree that survives harsh winters to blossom and yield the juiciest and sweetest fruit. 


    Painted with ink on paper, Ara Arayan’s apricot tree is a real survivor that was not broken down by frosts and winds. It’s powerful, just like the artist’s flawless strokes, lines, and dots achieved with a high degree of concentration, balance, and control. 


    Many of Ara Arayan’s artworks that have already been displayed at some Swiss art exhibitions are accompanied by poems he writes on the back of the canvas. Hence, buying one of his paintings, you also enjoy a piece of his poetry and his big Armenian heart. 

    • Einzelheiten

      Papier, Tinte

      Größe: 40 x 30 cm

      Erstellungsjahr: 2013

      Künstler: Ara Arayan

    • zusätzliche Information

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    CHF 900.00Preis
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