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  • Traum

    She closes her eyes to see the light of her soul, forget her pain, and dissolve into a dream. She feels her mother’s gentle hand stroking her hair and singing her favorite lullaby. She sees a beautiful rainbow across the sky and the magic land of reverie painted by the imagination that takes her back to an old house filled with love and patience. 


    She was once happy here when sunlight poured in like a torrent through the crystal-clear windows. With the arrival of the sun, the wind played with the curtains and danced with the flowers in the garden. But it was all a long time ago…


    With a masterful interplay between light and shadow, Hovnan Sargsyan perfectly transfers the mood from the canvas to the viewer. Finding appreciation at a number of Swiss art exhibitions, his paintings are imbued with feelings that penetrate into your heart and stay there forever. 

    • Einzelheiten

      Leinwand, Acryl

      Größe: 70 x 60 cm

      Erstellungsjahr: 2020

      Künstler: Hovnan Sargrsyan

    • zusätzliche Information

      Das Kunstwerk wird in 1-3 Wochen an Sie versendet, je nach Lieferort. Wir werden Ihnen bei der Bestellung eine genauere Schätzung der Versanddauer zur Verfügung stellen.

      Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie Fragen zu diesem Kunstwerk haben.

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    CHF 2'500.00Preis
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