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Vera Schumacher: A Fusion of Photography and Painting at the Christmas Exhibition in Zug

As we continue to showcase the talented artists participating in the upcoming Christmas Exhibition in Zug, it is with great excitement that we introduce Vera Schumacher, a visionary art photographer based in Hannover, Germany.

Vera's artistic journey is as captivating as her work. Born in Russia, she initially pursued a career in journalism at Voronezh State University. Life took her across continents, having spent 12 years in South Africa before moving to Germany in 2016. It is this diverse and rich cultural exposure that adds depth and perspective to her photographic art.

The unexpected downtime during the coronavirus pandemic turned out to be a silver lining for Vera. It gave her the opportunity to delve deeper into her passion for art and photography. Embracing this period, Vera embarked on a journey of learning and exploration through online courses. This pursuit led her to complete a year-long program in photography at the prestigious Moscow School of Photoart. Further honing her skills, Vera attended master classes from acclaimed photographers at Magnum Photos in Paris.

What sets Vera Schumacher apart is her innovative approach to photography. She has developed a unique style that blends the realms of photography and painting. By printing her photographs on canvas, she adds a new dimension to her work. Vera then meticulously paints over certain elements with acrylic paint and varnishes, creating a fascinating interplay between two distinct art forms. Her ability to capture the essence of her experiences and convey them through her photography and paintings is truly remarkable. Her pieces are not just visually stunning but also evoke a sense of journey and exploration. They are a testament to her skill in capturing the beauty of the world, as well as her ability to transform it into something new and extraordinary through her artistic vision.

We invite you to join us at the exhibition to witness the mesmerizing fusion of photography and painting that Vera Schumacher brings to the art world. It's an experience that art enthusiasts and collectors alike will not want to miss.



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