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Swiss Sculptor Thomas Welti to Exhibit at Arts Crossroad Gallery's "Beyond the Surface"

Updated: May 30, 2023

Thomas Welti

Arts Crossroad Gallery is excited to announce the participation of Swiss sculptor Thomas Welti in the upcoming fine art exhibition, "Beyond the Surface". This unique event will run from 15th to 18th June 2023 at Altstadhalle Zug, a venue known for celebrating and promoting diverse artistic expressions.

Born in Baden, Switzerland in 1955, Thomas Welti discovered his creative talents early. Previously as the manager at a grocery group he couldn't afford much room for artistic expression, his passion for the arts never dwindled. He attended various classes at the Art School of Zurich, honing his craft under the guidance of two established sculptors.

Seeking to dedicate more time to his artistic pursuits, Welti relocated his family to Chianni, Italy, a region known for its rich artistic heritage. This scenic Tuscan landscape, imbued with serene tranquillity, has had a profound impact on Welti's sculptures, installations, and paintings.

"Golden dance" by Thomas Welti
"Golden dance" by Thomas Welti

Welti's works deftly blend realistic and abstract art forms, thereby ensuring a broad appeal. His creations are a testament to his unique artistic voice, embodying his independent and innovative approach to art.

The sculptural work of Thomas Welti combines contemporary form concepts with the traditional craft of the sculptor and ceramicist. His primary focus is the human body, specifically the female form, which he portrays in a slightly abstract manner. His forms radiate harmony and sensuality, inviting the viewer to engage with his works. The sculptures captivate through the interplay between abstraction and figuration, the tension between revealing and concealing, the confident handling of the material, the physicality, and the sensuality of the surface that comes from years of intense engagement.

Contrasts such as volume and cavity, surfaces and lines, motion and stasis, presence and absence create a harmonious interplay. His works are a fusion of mind, craftsmanship, and material - artworks that offer immediate pleasure and encourage the viewer to engage in thought and emotion.

"Ice dream" by Thomas Welti
"Ice dream" by Thomas Welti

In recognition of his talent, Thomas Welti has been selected as a finalist for the ARTBOX.PROJECT BASEL 2.0, and some of his artworks will be exhibited at EuroAirport Basel which takes place during Art Basel from15th to 18th June 2023, which also coincides with the "Beyond the Surface" exhibition.

If you find yourself in Zug between 15th and 18th June, seize the opportunity to explore Welti's evocative artworks at the "Beyond the Surface" exhibition. You will also have the unique chance to meet the artist in person during the vernissage on 15th June.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary showcase, join us at the Altstadhalle Zug in mid-June, and immerse yourself in the artistic journey that "Beyond the Surface" promises to offer.



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