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Markus Schröder: The Art of Expression and Emotion

The Arts Crossroad Gallery is excited to spotlight the evocative works of Markus Schröder at our upcoming fine art exhibition "Beyond the Surface", taking place from the 15th to 18th of June, 2023, at the Altstadthalle Zug. Schröder's art encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones, to observe life not just with open eyes but also with open hearts.

"Sensible" by Markus Schröder
"Sensible" by Markus Schröder

As a visionary artist, Schröder's desire to create was ignited in his early childhood. His dream of becoming a head chef, creating culinary masterpieces pleasing to both eye and palate, evolved in 2017 into a passion for painting. Through his artworks, Schröder has come to use art as a language, embodying the principle of "It's worth taking a second look."

In Schröder's own words, "Every person is like a work of art worth viewing from various angles."

His artworks are primarily based on acrylic or mixed media. He strives to capture moments, express powerful movements, and convey their emotions in his works. This effort results in pieces that transmit a spectrum of different emotions to the viewer. True to his motto, "It's worth looking more often," Schröder's art insists on being deeply seen.

"Innere Stille" by Markus Schröder
"Innere Stille" by Markus Schröder

Various personalities inspire Schröder, alongside the movements, expressions, and moments that can elicit so much within an individual, depending on their life experiences. For Schröder, it's the small details or moments that inspire him the most. They prompt him to give form or expression to these feelings.

Join us at the "Beyond the Surface" exhibition to experience the compelling world of Markus Schröder's art, where every look reveals a new layer of depth and emotion. Step out of your comfort zone and embark on an enriching journey through the eyes and heart of this remarkable artist.



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