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"Jean De Clercq: A Belgian Artist's Journey from Graphics to Hyper-Realistic Landscapes"

As we approach the festive Christmas Exhibition in Zug, we are excited to delve into the narratives of our featured artists. This series aims to shed light on the motivations, obstacles, and successes that have shaped their creative journeys.

The first spotlight of our series falls upon Jean De Clercq. Jean De Clercq's love for drawing was evident from his early years. This medium allowed him to channel his creativity while also finding solace and equilibrium. In 1980, he embarked on a formal artistic journey, enrolling at the Art Academy in Belgium's graphics department. Over the next four years, he mastered the craft, immersing himself in the intricate world of woodcuts and engravings. He drew inspiration from renowned artists like Holzbein and Rembrandt.

His initial work largely revolved around monochromatic illustrations, leading to several showcases across Belgium. However, personal commitments made him relinquish his dedicated studio and printing press, prompting a move to Switzerland in 1986. This transition marked a temporary halt in his artistic pursuits. Nevertheless, by 1993, he found an avenue to exhibit his creations in Sils Maria, Graubünden.

It was only in 2004 that Jean ventured into the realm of painting, primarily as a self-taught artist. The precision from his graphic background transpired into his artworks, leading him to adopt a realistic painting style. His pieces, often portraying easily identifiable landscapes and objects, drew admiration and attention, especially during larger exhibitions.

Nature continued to inspire Jean, providing a plethora of motifs to translate onto the canvas. An emerging interest in depicting motion and depth led him to the dynamic world of horse racing. The synergy between a jockey and horse, and the sheer power and pace of these majestic animals, captivated him, leading to a series dedicated to this theme during his time in the Engadine. He also began painting train stations, infusing depth and significance into each piece.

Looking ahead, Jean aspires to delve deeper into "hyper-realism," pushing his boundaries in precision. Yet, the allure of landscapes remains undiminished. His works often blur the lines between painting and photography, with many mistaking his detailed landscapes for actual photographs.

Over the years, his exceptional talent hasn't gone unnoticed, earning him multiple international accolades.

Stay with us as we journey further into the tales of our participating artists in the days ahead. We'll traverse their varied artistic terrains and delve into the unique worlds they've crafted, all coming together in a magnificent confluence at Zug.



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