Meet Our Artists

Professional skills and the academic art education help Lina Gagikyan to design and create her jewelry. Each piece of her art represents an engraved metal with unique time-honored shade of green graphic. Armenian roots, design and soul clearly seen in every piece of jewelry made by Lina Gagikyan

Anna Gorstka designs and handcrafts her jewelry, which is made of silver, gold and enameling powders. Each piece is handmade and unique. She loves color of any pallet from summer, warm and relaxing, to the crispness of winter with its blues and cool grays

Heghnar Petrosyan creates  her jewelry ornaments from dried flowers, plants and seeds, which are placed in silver frames. By wearing jewelry designed and created by Heghnar Petrosyan, you always have a piece of Nature with you


Using the art of cross-stitch embroidery and the ancient traditions of Armenian carpet weaving, Arpi creates a new direction in art that amazes with its universal harmony of proportion and color.